Former Prosecutors Now Defending You

Our Experience Speaks for Itself

Robert A. Bianchi, Esq. was nominated by the Governor of New Jersey with unanimous consent of the New Jersey State Senate to serve as the head Morris County Prosecutor in New Jersey from 2007-2013 – a distinction of significant merit that only a handful of criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey possess. David Bruno, Esq. worked with then Prosecutor Bianchi as Assistant Prosecutor from 2007-2013. The cases successfully prosecuted by Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Bruno were noted as some of New Jersey’s most violent crimes. Now in private practice since 2013, the skills, experience, and relationships mastered during our years at the prosecutor’s office empowers our legal team to deliver unparalleled service and value to every client we are honored to represent.

In addition to the qualification of being a former County Prosecutor and Assistant Prosecutor, Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Bruno also have the rare and coveted distinction of being certified by the NJ Supreme Court. The State of NJ has approximately 93,000 lawyers. Only 250 of them (less than 1%) are certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as “Certified Criminal Trial Attorneys.” Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Bruno are 2 of the 250 attorneys in New Jersey who have this notable certification. Impressively, Mr. Bianchi is the only practicing criminal defense attorney in the entire State of New Jersey that is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney who has also served as a former head County Prosecutor. The extraordinary experience and reputation for excellence of The Bianchi Law Group’s legal team is undeniable.

Trial Experience Makes All the Difference

Being charged with a Criminal, Domestic Violence, or Municipal Court offense can be traumatic. Having a proven trial attorney at your side and fighting for you is essential to your legal – and emotional – well-being. You want to be assured you have the best opportunity for a successful outcome and that your attorneys have the courage, skill, tenacity and experience to know how to successfully navigate a case from start to finish, including trying a case before a judge or jury, if necessary.

Few attorneys have courtroom trial experience at a level Mr. Bianchi and Mr. Bruno do. All litigators are lawyers, but not all lawyers are litigators.  This is an important distinction. Trial expertise is an art form requiring both natural talent and years of experience and training. Effective trial attorneys evaluate and prepare a client’s case from the outset, where mistakes can be devastating down the road. They leverage that experience to minimize risks and maximize results. They position clients to receive the optimal settlement or, if the case proceeds to trial, to have the best opportunity to win. Are not trial attorneys who are “battle hardened” and trial trained as prosecutors the kind of lawyers you want at your side when you have to go to court?

A person who needs a trial attorney should specifically ask any attorney they are considering hiring if that attorney has actually tried cases, how many cases, and the results. Be diligent in determining their experience as most attorneys have very little, if any, trial experience but nevertheless call themselves litigators. A great trial attorney will have no problem, and will be more than happy, to discuss their accomplishments and experience. At The Bianchi Law Group, we look forward to explaining to you in detail our extensive trial experience as we know it is without question exceptional. The Bianchi Law Group’s trial attorneys are passionate about the art of trying cases, have been trained by some of the best trial attorneys in the state, and have proven themselves as excellent trial attorneys. You can rest assured we will use our skills, experience, and tenacity to fight for your case at every turn.