Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq., appeared on WWOR My9’s Chasing the News to discuss an “only in New Jersey” story. A young man who was turning himself in on an NJ warrant went to the NJ police station dressed in a bunny outfit. He had and used an air horn while at the police station lobby and was otherwise disrespectful. A police officer is seen on tape coming into the lobby and slapping the man in the bunny outfit presumably for his actions in blowing the air horn after being told to stop on a number of occasions. From the tape, it would appear that any type of use of force by the police was not warranted in terms of self-defense or any other law enforcement reason. The officer has since been charged with an NJ disorderly persons offense of simple assault on Bunny Man.

Bianchi discusses the law and also his thoughts on this incident. Check out this tape. It has gone viral. What are your thoughts? Should the cop be prosecuted, or did the Bunny Man deserve it?