Former head county prosecutor and Bianchi law group partner, Robert Bianchi hosts this episode of Law and Crime with Michael Koribanics, Kaysia Earley, Brian Buckmire, and DeWitt Lacy. They listen into Trial Day 2 in the Death of Ahmaud #Arbery. The citizen’s arrest claim made by William “Roddie” Bryan is not consistent with the rules and protocols that should have been followed plus the incriminating statements made by Mr. Bryan work against his self-defense claim. In the Kenosha Shooter #Trial #KyleRittenhouse Day 4, Bob and his guests question the self-defense claim being proposed by the defense based on the testimony. Lastly, in the #FL vs. #MarkeithLoyd the Penalty Phase or the portion of a criminal trial that occurs after a guilty verdict has been reached, in which the punishment for the crime is decided.


🛡 The Bianchi Law Group, LLC is located in Parsippany, New Jersey. They are a team of former prosecutors who aggressively fight the government when their clients are charged with crimes. Both Bianchi and Bruno regularly lecture to other NJ Lawyers in the area of criminal law and are regularly in the national media to discuss criminal law issues.