Report states WikiLeaks obtains DNC emails from Russia and falsely claimed that Seth Rich was the source. Conspiracy claims that founder Julian Assange murdered Seth Rich to hide Russian contacts.

Great having you on Colby Hall! I ask the same question here. Is “tribalism” blinding us to any semblance of truth? What is happening?!

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Tribalism Over Truth – Mueller Report Provides Details on Seth Rich Conspiracy

April 23rd, 2019

Robert Bianchi: All right. That Mediaite thing, I just love the promo. You guys know this is one of my favorite segments and one of my favorite guys to have on is Colby Hall, founding editor. Colby, how are you doing? Happy Easter to you.

Colby Hall: You too.

Robert Bianchi: The Mueller report is out. Colby Hall knows all things Mueller. What’s going on?

Colby Hall: It’s a 400-page report that’s very complete and thus far entirely reliable, and there’s been a steady drip of really big news stories that have come out. In this episode of Mueller report, what was revealed over in this document that sort of came to light over the weekend, was that Julian Assange was revealed to completely have lied about the Seth Rich conspiracy. The idea that the DNC emails that were leaked, it didn’t come from a Russian hacking effort, but in fact that he had suggested that Seth Rich, a former DNC employee had been murdered on the streets of Washington DC. And it turns out that was complete obfuscation. He was lying repeatedly in a way that really sort of embarrasses him and made a lot of people who sort of supported that conspiracy theory look stupid. Case in point. This clip right here.

Hannity: Questions continue to swirl around the mysterious murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich. Now following Rich’s death, there was suspicion that he may have been the source of the DNC emails that were linked to Wikileaks. Now, not the Russians as the left claims. Now, here’s what we know at this point. In the early morning hours of July 10, 2016 while walking to his Washington DC home, Rich was shot in the back and left for dead. Now, the police claim it was an attempted robbery gone wrong, but the assailant did not take anything from Seth Rich, including his phone, wallet, watch, necklace. Now suspiciously, 12 days after Seth Rich died, Wikileaks published the leaked emails from the DNC. Also following Rich’s death, Wikileaks offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of the person or persons responsible for this murder. Then in August of 2016 during an interview on Dutch TV, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, implies pretty strongly that Seth Rich may have been a WikiLeaks source, watch this.

Speaker 3: Seth Rich was going to significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks as a 27-year-old that works for the DNC, was shot in the back murdered, just few weeks ago.

Colby Hall: Well, that wasn’t the proudest moment in Sean Hannity’s illustrious career. And as we now know that Seth Rich wasn’t murdered because he had leaked the DNC emails. He was, he was murdered on gone wrong or a robbery gone wrong, as it was reported. Later in that segment, Shawn Hannity interviewed Julian Assange and asked him to his face. There was, sort of repeating of his claims, which Hannity not only appeared to buy wholesale but then went on to promote. Now there are two sort of explanations for that. Either Hannity was complicit in that conspiracy, which I don’t think is the case. The other is that he got duped and as a result, and that happens in the world of journalism. But what should happen as a follow up is that Sean Hannity should apologize to his audience and anyone else that he was sort of a, a dope enough to, to promote Julian Assange’s fake conspiracy. To the degree that the Seth Rich’s family, you know, filed the lawsuit and asked him to stop because obviously it was a really, really tough story for them to go through. So not a good moment for Hannity to be openly promoting Russian, you know, sort of hacking efforts.

Robert Bianchi: You know, Colby, I had been thinking about this for many months and especially when the Mueller report came out and I did a lot of commentary on it last week. The words are what the words are. Okay. I, I get that sometimes we don’t want things to be, you know, against our team, which, which really confounded me in the last two years are people that I’ve worked with that I have great respect for, that are in law enforcement, that we’ve worked cases together, have just completely accepted these crazy cockamamie theories that Hillary Clinton killed Seth rich because of the leaks of the DNC emails. And even though we know that’s not true now, I assure you, Colby, correct me if I’m wrong, they will still carry that water. What is going on?

Colby Hall: I, you know, I think its tribalism over truth. I think what we’re seeing now is that everything, there is no such thing as objectivity anymore. Everything is subjective and even this release in the Mueller report, I have good friends who I trust and I like who are smart critical thinkers. They will still be deeply skeptical of this report and say, ah, that’s just a deep state take. I think candidly we’re at the deeper problems, all of this is that we can no longer agree on the larger truth. We have our own agenda that is over taking our need for sort of an accepted set of facts that we can all agree on. And you know, everything else has sent them to the much deeper problem and until we can [inaudible] that out, it’s just going to keep on going.

Robert Bianchi: I was thinking that same exact thing, Colby, walking to the train today to come to Law and Crime. But we can’t even accept an operating set of truthful facts before we even get the policy and decisions. Colby Hall, founding editor of Mediaite. I love having you on Colby.

Colby Hall: It’s always great to be here.

Robert Bianchi: Yeah, we’ll see you soon. Okay.

Colby Hall: Thanks Bob.