We break down the dizzying developments about a Mueller team member’s departure and Congressman Adam Schiff’s commitment to have Congress investigate a possible Trump pardon “dangle” to Michael Cohen. I break it all down on CNN with Brooke Baldwin.

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Updates on Trump’s possible #pardon dangle to Michael Cohen

March 14th, 2019

Brooke Baldwin: We are getting fresh reaction from the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee today over emails that detail this back channel between Michael Cohen and Rudy Giuliani, something first reported right here on CNN. And an attorney who said he was speaking with Giuliani reassured Cohen, in an April 2018 email, that Cohen could, quote unquote, sleep well tonight because he had quote close friends in high places.

News Reporter: I’m wondering if you take this as a dangling of a pardon, if you have any concerns about that?

Adam Schiff: We have seen the president tangle pardons publicly, really through much of the investigation, it doesn’t require any great imagination to picture the President also having conversations privately, as he’s having quite publicly. We obviously are deeply interested in all the documents that Mister Cohen produced and others that we’ve been able to attain. We’ll be looking to collaborate the evidence we receive. This is very much a deep interest of ours.

Brooke Baldwin: Well Robert Bianchi is a former Prosecutor for Morris County New Jersey and a host for the Law and Crime Network, Bob.

Robert Bianchi: Brooke.

Brooke Baldwin: Obviously, chairman Schiff is interested in looking into this. Do you see this as some form of pardon dangling?

Robert Bianchi: I don’t know I don’t think we have all the facts, but they’re, it really comes down to what’s being said. There’s nothing wrong with attorneys or people approaching the President, who has the absolute authority of a pardon and say, we’d like you to consider this. The question becomes whether or not it was, if you play ball with us and don’t cooperate, then we’re inclined to give you a pardon. But here’s the thing, he did cooperate. Because I think Cohen.

Brooke Baldwin: He being Michael Cohen?

Robert Bianchi: Michael Cohen. Cohen’s saw something that we’ve been saying, some lawyers, for a long time and him being a lawyer knows. You can pardon Cohen for the Federal crimes, but you can’t for the State level crimes. So, I think unlike Manafort, Cohen’s legal team sawt smarter by not seeking the pardon. And I think that that’s why, look if I can get it, I get it. But in the end, analysis as a defense lawyer. I’d have to say to him, hey bro, you get that Federal pardon, you’re going to be the State AG and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in a hot flash and the President could do nothing for you.

Brooke Baldwin: Yeah okay, so see where it falls with regard to chairman Schiff. I want to ask you about Prosecutor Andrew Weismann, he’s a key member of Mueller’s entire team. He was actually at Roger Stone’s court appearance today, he’s expected to leave the office and the DOJ soon. When he was hired, this is what Steve Bannon actually referred to Michael Wolf as the quote Lebron James of money laundering investigations. So, I know. So, his departure, what does that signal for you as far as this whole Mueller investigation?

Robert Bianchi: Having led an agency of people who are very dedicated investigative personnel, that are involved in a very large investigation like, a wiretap investigation, think of something like this. They want to stay on forever to see it to its conclusion. Now absent a personal reason or personal calamity in his family, I don’t think he just decided that, hey look it’s time. I’ve been around, let me just get going. I think they want to see this to the conclusion, So, it leads me to believe that they are concluding and that his efforts aren’t necessarily as dramatic because it’s going to move into a different phase.

Brooke Baldwin: Yup, okay. You like that, Lebron James of money laundering investigation.

Robert Bianchi: It’s pretty impressive.

Brooke Baldwin: Bob Bianchi, thank you very much. It’s good to see you.