A juvenile criminal charge often comes with penalties that have the child’s rehabilitation in mind. State and federal juvenile courts are typically sensitive to juvenile issues, and prefer to give the child a second chance at improving their actions rather than instating severe penalties right away.

If your child is convicted of a juvenile crime in New Jersey, you may face fines or restitution. Some children must take state-mandated drug rehabilitation or counseling classes. Community service is often mandated for juvenile offenders as well. A juvenile detention facility is the most serious penalty, and is reserved for more extreme charges.

In some cases, a child may be awarded a deferred disposition if they complete certain requirements and stay out of legal trouble for a certain period of time, often a year. Your lawyer works alongside you and your family in order to get the least serious penalty possible.

What Court Could My Child Be Charged in?

If your child gets caught up in a criminal act, you as a parent will understandably have plenty of worries and concerns.Children under the age of 18 are considered minors and are charged as such. However, the way in which your child’s case is handled will greatly affect the outcome. That’s why it’s so important to connect with the right lawyer.

In the state of New Jersey, children under 15 are tried in family court. However, if the nature of the crime is especially severe, violent or damaging, your child may be seen in adult court. The decision is based upon the judge’s discretion, and will vary depending on the details of your child’s charge. The best option to emerge from arrest with the most minor penalties will be to see the case in family court. The Bianchi Law Group, LLC will demonstrate your child’s eligibility to be processed in family court and will work to earn the least severe penalties possible.

How Can an Attorney Help Me and my Child?

Your juvenile crimes attorney will challenge the prosecutor’s stance before a judge. They will collect and assess all relevant evidence to demonstrate your child’s innocence. By carefully reviewing the facts and figures of your child’s case, your attorney will form the strongest defense possible.

Most importantly, your attorney will make sure you and your family feel confident throughout the entirety of the legal proceedings. You and your child deserve to understand all your options moving forward, and it’s important that you have all your questions answered by someone who understands the situation you’re facing.

What Help is Available?

The Bianchi Law Group, LLC offers a free, no-obligation consultation to anyone facing a criminal charge. This includes juveniles and minors under the age of eighteen. The Bianchi Law Group, LLC understands the situation you’re in, and is compassionate to the fears you may have for your child and their future.

By contacting a lawyer at the Bianchi Law Group, LLC, you can rest assured knowing your family’s future is in the hands of a qualified lawyer who cares about the outcome of your case. Contact our Parsippany-Troy Hills office today at 862-210-8570.