Aggravated assault charges are separated into first, second, and third-degree charges. If you have been charged with aggravated assault, the type of penalty you may face will vary depending on the degree of the assault.

Anyone who is currently facing an aggravated assault charge in New Jersey should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as they possibly can. You will certainly need the help of a committed legal advocate who can source and present strong evidence to fight back against this charge.

Penalties for aggravated assault in New Jersey often are accompanied by high monetary fines and a federal prison sentence. Additionally, depending upon the mitigating circumstances of the crime, you may also be required to pay restitution to the alleged victim of the aggravated assault, which is a type of court-mandated payment or series of payments that are typically a part of someone’s probation.

Additionally, anyone charged with aggravated assault might need to take mandatory anger management courses. If the state of New Jersey feels that they are too dangerous to return to normalcy in everyday relationships, they may be required to take classes or undergo a certain type of behavioral or relationship counseling.

Will An Aggravated Assault Charge Show On An Employer’s Background Check?

If you have been charged with an aggravated assault charge in New Jersey, you need to take this charge very seriously. When you are charged with this type of crime, it does in fact show up on a prospective employer’s background check. This can make it incredibly hard to find steady employment, as many employers in a variety of industries will check to see if you have any past criminal convictions.

Those who are charged with aggravated assault may also lose their right to possess a firearm. When you are charged with this type of crime, it will undoubtedly affect the trajectory of your life forever. But, with the help of a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey, you can fight back against these charges and try to minimize your imminent penalties as best as possible.

How Does A Lawyer Help Reduce Penalties For Aggravated Assault Charges In New Jersey?

At The Bianchi Law Group, our experienced staff of trial attorneys and “of counsel” attorneys are there to make sure the Government can prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. When you work with our team of attorneys, you benefit from all the insight our team has from being former prosecutors. As former prosecutors, we are trial-tested, and certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court as certified criminal trial attorneys.

If our attorneys cannot resolve the case with a dismissal or a fair and just plea bargain, our lawyers will not hesitate to appoint a jury and take the case to trial. We will source, compile, and present strong evidence before a jury that demonstrates you are not guilty of the crime. Using our vast and extensive network of legal resources, our attorneys will stop at nothing to get what we need to minimize the imminent penalties you could potentially face for your New Jersey aggravated assault charge.

The right lawyer will know precisely what type of evidence is necessary to prove your side of the story to a jury. Eyewitness testimonies can be incredibly valuable in situations like these, so if possible, your attorney will handle all of the leg work regarding securing these eyewitnesses testimonies, recording their official statement about what they saw, and then presenting that evidence before the judge and jury in court. If necessary, your lawyer may be able to secure security camera footage, phone records, and other important information, evidence, and data that can support your stance in court.

Without the help of a lawyer, you may be at a disadvantage, as our attorneys are skilled and experienced in defending clients in situations just like yours. Don’t gamble with your future, and schedule a free consultation with one of our trial-tested aggravated assault lawyers today.

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As outlined above, the penalties that accompany an aggravated assault charge in New Jersey can be serious. You don’t want to risk these penalties. This charge can stay on a criminal background check indefinitely, and can greatly impact your ability to find a job and enjoy normal relationships in the future.

If you or someone you love have been accused of an aggravated assault crime in New Jersey, call The Bianchi Law Group as soon as possible and schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation for your specific charge. We’ll listen to the details of your charge and provide you with initial insight regarding next steps you can take to potentially minimize your penalties.