In 2015, legislation was passed that allows prosecutors to request that certain minors be tried as adults. If a crime is particularly heinous, a child fifteen or older may be tried as an adult in the state of New Jersey. If your child has been accused of a crime, the most preferable path is to try them as a juvenile and not an adult. The U.S. The Supreme Court ruled that juveniles can no longer receive life sentences without parole, however juveniles tried as adults typically still receive longer sentences and tougher penalties than children.

Trying a child as an adult is typically reserved for murder, robbery and certain drug crimes of a particularly heinous nature. Juvenile cases may also be transferred to adult court if the accused juvenile already has a criminal record, or attempted rehabilitation in the past that was rendered incomplete or inconclusive.

What Exactly is a “Juvenile Crime?”

If your child has been accused of committing a crime and they are under the age of eighteen, this is considered a juvenile crime. These crimes would warrant an arrest and penalty for any other adult over eighteen, but juveniles are held to a different standard and are often treated with a certain leniency. The best option for your child is to be tried as a juvenile and to stay out of adult court as best as possible.

What Steps Can I Take to Protect my Child From Being Tried as an Adult?

If your child has been accused of a crime, don’t panic. Most minors are tried in juvenile court and treated under the law according to their age and level of maturity. However, some crimes are much more serious than others and a judge may not be as lenient on your child if they’ve committed such a crime. There are options you can take to fight this determination, but you must act quickly.

As soon as your juvenile child gets into legal trouble, contact The Bianchi Law Group, LLC. You need to connect with a qualified juvenile crimes lawyer who will defend your child in court and demonstrate their eligibility to be tried as a juvenile. Your lawyer will assess the facts displayed in your child’s case and form the strongest possible defense. Juveniles charged in juvenile court can still face harsh penalties that can change their life forever. Teaming up with the right attorney is the smartest step you can take to ensure the best future for your child.

The Bianchi Law Group Will Listen to Your Child’s Case and will Attentively Address Your Concerns

The only way you can ensure your child is tried in juvenile court is by hiring an attorney and forming a strong case for defense. The outcome of your child’s case is contingent upon the specifics of the crime that was committed. However, there are steps you can take preemptively to work toward the most minor outcome.

Schedule a free consultation with The Bianchi Law Group, LLC today to determine the best legal options for you and your child moving forward. You deserve quality legal counsel that’s committed to your child’s future and wellbeing.