Harassment goes beyond just actions that annoy others. However, sometimes what seems like a standard altercation can be treated as a criminal offense in some states. In the state of New Jersey, Harassment is an offense that prohibits a wide variety of actions. Harassment typically falls under assault and terroristic threats, and therefore carries a slightly less debilitating penalty. When your conduct is perceived as extremely persistent and threatening or is accompanied by physical contact (threatened or actual) you may be accused of criminal harassment.

Harassment, however, can lead to a victim filing a restraining order against the aggressor which can gravely affect your professional and personal life. Harassment is treated similarly to domestic violence charges, and every case must be handled with the utmost care and precision. The Bianchi Law Group, LLC are skilled and determined attorneys who will stop at nothing to get your charges reduced as low as possible.

What are the Penalties for Harassment in New Jersey?

Harassment is a petty disorderly persons offense in New Jersey unless the actor, in committing harassment, he was serving a term of imprisonment or was on parole or probation as the result of a conviction of any indictable offense under the laws of this State, any other state or the United States, in which case the harassment is a fourth-degree crime.

In the state of New Jersey, this type of charge (Petty Disorderly Person offenses) are typically punished by up to thirty days in county jail. Some who are convicted of harassment may face monetary fines or restitution as well.

What are my Options if I’ve Been Accused of Harassment in New Jersey?

Harassment is not as heavily penalized as assault under New Jersey state law. However, a conviction of this nature can drastically affect your personal and professional life. If you’ve been convicted of harassment in New Jersey, you may face a restraining order issued by the victim, heavy fines or even a jail sentence.

If you have been accused of something of this nature, you must contact an attorney as soon as possible. The quicker you consult with qualified legal aide, the stronger your case for defense. If applicable, your criminal defense attorney will work out a plea bargain with the judge to award you the most minimal and least detrimental penalties as possible. In some situations, your lawyer will be able to have your case dismissed entirely.

Every case is just as unique as the individuals involved. Every case will require different methods of defense for the best possible outcome. Your attorney will leverage state and federal law in order to defend your positioning before a judge. Sometimes, harmless people get caught up in situations like these, and they don’t deserve the harsh penalties that follow. It’s important to remember that anyone accused of any crime in the United States is entitled to a fair trial and legal representation. Keep calm, and remember that you have options.

What is the First Step?

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