In the state of New Jersey, domestic violence charges cover both physical and emotional abuse. In general, domestic violence is defined as physical abuse committed by a person in a current or former relationship against their partner, or among two or more members of the same household.

Physical abuse occurs when unnecessary force is used against an unsuspecting victim which results in injury or emotional pain and suffering. Any type of physical aggression such as punching, kicking, choking, or other altercation that harms the victim constitutes grounds for a domestic violence charge.

Emotional abuse includes mental manipulation such as insults, criticism or taunting that inflict extreme pain and suffering on the victim. It can be difficult to prove emotional abuse alone warrants a domestic violence charge, but these situations can be incredibly extreme and must be taken seriously as well. Evidence of emotional abuse can be combined with evidence of other abuse in order to hit an aggressor with a domestic violence charge.

What Charges Are Possible in New Jersey?

If you are arrested for a domestic violence charge in New Jersey, you may be facing severe penalties regardless of the nature of the violence you inflicted. Domestic violence is taken seriously on a state and federal level, and you need to enlist the help of a lawyer to reduce these charges as best as possible.

Those found guilty of domestic violence face lengthy jail sentences, substantial monetary fines and eve community service or anger management courses. Repeat offenders or those with pre-existing criminal records are at higher risk for serious penalties, and should contact a lawyer right away to mitigate the risk of being punished to the fullest extent.

Can a Lawyer Help Reduce These Charges?

A criminal defense attorney can work to reduce these charges for you. However, you need to act fast. New Jersey state courts are tough on crime, and violence in a domestic setting is often punished to the fullest extent. The sooner you contact an attorney, the stronger your case for defense will be. If applicable, your lawyer will help you create a plea bargain that demonstrates your compliance and your willingness to abide by the court’s rulings. With the help of an attorney, you can have your charges reduced greatly or even dismissed entirely, when possible.

You need strong, aggressive legal representation by your side who will assess your case from every angle and advocate on your behalf in court. The Bianchi Law Group, LLC will work tirelessly to defend you, and will ensure you feel confident and reassured at every step of the process.

The Bianchi Law Group, LLC Offers Help to Those Accused of Domestic Violence

A domestic violence charge is not to be taken lately. If you have been accused of any type of domestic violence crime, enlist the help of an attorney right away. You need strong legal counsel by your side in order to reduce your charges or have your case dismissed.

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