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Sadly, the shooting at the YouTube Headquarters again illustrates why companies need to be extremely proactive with Workplace Violence in all of its permutations.  Whether it stems from incidents ranging form domestic violence, active shooter, disgruntled customers, or the myriad of other contexts, failure to have a Risk Assessment plan can mean the literal difference between life and death.

When I was a NJ County Prosecutor, we often visited companies and explained how they could protect their employees and assets from such threats.  I was surprised at how many high-level companies did not have plans in place, training, and in many instances, had woefully poor security planning.  But, we so too were amazed at their thanks and commitment to do better. It was an empowering relationship!

During our assessments, we were able to spot vulnerabilities and many times were shocked at how easy it was for the company to change from a company at great risk, to one that was safe.  It improved safety, employee satisfaction, and reduced in insurance costs.

Workplace violence not only costs lives and serious injury, it costs significant money as a result of employee dissatisfaction, lawsuits, and brand/reputational damage.

Since leaving the Prosecutor’s position, I formed a Workplace Violence Prevention company that takes the leading experts I have worked within law enforcement, and we now work to help resolve many of these issues for major companies and businesses.  Bianchi Business Consultants, LLC has a unique blend of subject matter experts that were former law enforcement officials, attorneys, and administrators that comprehensively know all aspects of Workplace Violence, and how to mitigate the carnage it can cause to a business. Our approach, based upon our experience, is a  comprehensive one, and is not a spotty approach that is seen if there is an approach at all.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Does your company have a Workplace Violence Policy/Program? If not, this creates a serious risk to the company?
  • Does your company have a program that meets government regulations, such as OSHA, and the many other regulatory requirements mandated by law?
  • Does your company proactively assess Risks and Threats ranging from Domestic Violence, customer violence, employee violence, active shooter, activist violence, etc…?
  • Does your company use Social Media mining companies to monitor threats posted on social media for analysis and assessment of the violent tendencies and capabilities of the poster?
  • Are employees encouraged to report domestic violence threats or behaviors of concern exhibited by employees or customers and provide support and protection recommendations as needed?
  • Does your company receive information regarding threats from employees victimized by domestic violence or customers, employees, activists etc. with a perceived grudge engage and then use analysis and assessment of the violent tendencies and capabilities of the poster?
  • Does your company know when and how to contact the appropriate law enforcement agencies to report any threats and to assist with the assessment and investigation?
  • Does your company have an Early Warning Detection System to access persons with histories of violence, access to weapons, and who have the capability to carry out the threat?
  • Does your company know how to legally collect, investigate, and discipline employees who are at risk of escalating violence?
  • Does the company use a risk assessment of the site that should include preventing the target from accessing the site including an increased  physical security presence including the use of law enforcement, implementing technology (door access, CCTV, duress alarms, facial recognition etc.), the sharing of the information with employees including a BOLO (Be on the lookout) with a photo, description and vehicle description of the threat?
  • Does the company have a threat assessment team (Security, Human Resources, Risk, Legal etc.) to determine the best course of action i.e. criminal charges, cease and desist, restraining order etc. in consultation with law enforcement?
  • Does the company have a see something, say something policy?
  • Does your company properly train its employees on safety at the workplace and on workplace mitigation strategies?

Now, one size does not it all companies. Depending on the nature of the business to some lesser, or greater degree, a company should be implementing the above strategies.  To the company this may seem daunting and burdensome.  But, for Bianchi Business Consultants, LLC., we have been engaged in helping companies make the modifications needed in a simple and easy to know way.

The data CLEARLY reveals not only saves lives, but also saves money due to loss of life and property, and in reducing exorbitant insurance costs, which typically go down when a proper program like ours is put into place.

Bianchi Business Consultants, LLC stands ready to protect America’s businesses!

By: Robert A. Bianchi, Esq. © 2018

Owner- Bianchi Business Consultants, LLC

NJ Supreme Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorney

Former Morris County Prosecutor

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