Robert (Bob) Bianchi, Esq., debated Jonna Spilbor on the Nykea Aldridge murder case, who was shot and killed in crossfire by career criminals. Happening Now host Jenna Lee moderated the debate with her usual skill and insightful questions.

The crime that ravages the minority community is still an issue in America, as it is in many New Jersey inner city communities.  We discuss in this video how such a tragedy could have been stopped before it happened with the simple tools law enforcement already has at its disposal.  It was an excellent debate and perhaps politicians can stop using crime issues as a political talking point and get the people in the room that know how to solve it.  Unfortunately, as a former head NJ County Prosecutor, I have seen how sensible debate on theses issues (that take into consideration police and community leader concerns) and that strike compromise are always scuttled by the elected officials on both sides of the political spectrum.

People are dying!  It is my hope that someday politicians will stand up for what is right and compromise,  and not make policy based rather on what is politically expedient.

Check out the clip and let me know your thoughts.