Law & Crime Report: Michael Tate Pleads Guilty to Rape 40 Years After The Crime

A forty-year-old case out of Kentucky headlines this episode of Law & Crime Report. 78-year-old Michael Tate has pleaded guilty to rape, sodomy, and kidnapping of a woman in October of 1978. Law enforcement believes that they may be able to uncover evidence of serial rape and murder by the same perpetrator. Bob Bianchi and Angenette Levy discuss the interviews with Tate that seemed to be leading investigators toward more cases. Although Tate’s memory seems to be failing him, investigators seem confident they have found their suspect for many unsolved crimes.

In an update on the ‘Doomsday Cult’ Duo case, a judge has ruled that Rob Woods will remain on the prosecution’s team despite claims by the defense that he acted inappropriately in witness interviews. Anne Bremer joins Bianchi to discuss the latest in this trial. The two are puzzled by the tactics of the defense in this situation as it seemed highly unlikely from the get-go that Woods would be removed. The judge made it clear that no damage was done to the defendants. Dr. John Delatorre joins the panel to discuss the undue influence arguments made by the defense. Delatorre believes that the intent of Woods is the part that matters most, which Delatorre does not believe adds up to misconduct.

In other legal news updates, a Grand Jury investigation has been announced in the case of Elijah McClain’s death. The insurrection at the capitol is discussed. And finally, the case of Miya Ponsetto, who was videoed assaulting a 14-year-old whom she accused of stealing her phone, as well as the situation surrounding the suspect in a fake Covid-19 vaccine distributor are discussed by the panel.