Law & Crime Report: Prosecutors Seek To Rearrest Kyle Rittenhouse, He Failed To Notify Change Of Address

The most pressing legal story of today involves the tension building in the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Guests Joseph Scott Morgan and Gabriella Gonzalez panel with host Bob Bianchi to discuss this and other legal news. The latest drama in the Rittenhouse case has the prosecution pressing to rearrest the defendant. Rittenhouse, who posted his $2mil bond, is on strict orders from the court to ensure his appearances and cooperation. However, the court recently discovered that he changed addresses without notifying them, which is a huge offense to the court. This revelation comes after Rittenhouse already being personally reprimanded and instructed by the judge on the case to avoid any association with white supremacists and drinking in bars. Strike two on Rittenhouse’s record for obeying the court could mean harsh consequences.

In addition to the latest court updates involving Rittenhouse, footage has also emerged from his interviews with detectives where Rittenhouse seems more concerned with his social media image than the fact that he is being charged with killing two people. The panel discusses this and other pertinent facts to this case including the vast array of imagery of the shootings taking place. It will be vitally important to both prosecution and defense to establish which facts and pieces of evidence are admitted in trial.

In the next segment, Bob brings on Brian Ross to discuss the latest information in the case of Brooke Skylar Richardson who was charged with murdering her newborn daughter. On his show, Killer Cases, you can see all the wild details of this rollercoaster case.

In the final discussions of this episode, the panel of Bob, GG, and Joseph Scott Morgan go over the details of the Breonna Taylor case and the death of Ashli Babbitt. In the case of Breonna Taylor, recent details show that the state’s AG mishandled the grand jury process and seemingly avoided allowing evidence to be heard regarding the actual killing of Breonna. Since then, a former detective involved in the shooting has been charged in the case. Finally, investigators in the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, a capitol insurrectionist, have recommended no charges in her shooting and death.