Law and Crime Report: Jacob Blake’s Handcuffs Removed, Former Officer in George Floyd Case Seeks Dismissal of Charges

In this episode of Law & Crime Report, Bianchi and guests discuss several updates in recent cases. To start, the panel of Julio Rosas – Senior Writer, and Linda Kenney Baden of the Law & Crime Network discuss the Jacob Blake case. Blake has been paralyzed from the waist down from the 7 shots to the back he received from police. Blake’s father was outraged when Blake was handcuffed to his hospital bed.  Since that time the handcuffs have been removed. The panel also discusses the different aspects of the impending case against the officer who shot him.

Next, the panel of Mike Koribanics, Law & Crime Legal Analyst, and Linda Kenney Baden discuss with Bianchi the latest occurrence in the George Floyd case. Former Minneapolis police officer Kueng has sought to dismiss the charges against him. The Floyd family lawyers have made it clear that the city of Minneapolis is ultimately responsible for ensuring that cases such as this do not happen again.

In other news, R. Kelly was attacked by an inmate at Chicago Federal Prison. His lawyer attempted to have him released for his protection but the motion was denied. Bianchi brings up an interesting point about how COVID-19 has impacted imprisoned people. Many are pushing for early releases due to safety concerns and also for the “hard time” that is endured by inmates during lockdown.

In another case involving a prison inmate, a Florida inmate who was beaten by prison guards and paralyzed has been awarded $4.65 million in her case against them. This brings up the conversation about what it means to be legally responsible for another’s life. There is a lot of training and education needed for those who are put in charge of caring for inmates. And, as Linda Kenney Baden points out, until or unless there are real consequences for the actual people involved in harming inmates, things will not change.