Officer joins Bob Bianchi to discuss

July 30, 2020. Although the country continues to grapple with a desire for police reform, it is important to let positivity shine through when it comes to quality police work. In Pensacola, Florida, a 3-year-old girl was saved by police officers who responded to the 9-1-1 call of the child’s grandmother. The girl was drowning in a pool and was unresponsive when police officers arrived. Due to their quick, calm, and heroic actions, the little girls survived and will make a full recovery. Though stories like this one do not always make the headlines, it is important to remember that this type of heroism does happen everyday in police work.

Bob Bianchi brings on Officer Mike Wood of the Pensacola Police Department to discuss the nature of police work and situations like the one these officers faced. Wood discusses the fact that decompressing from emotionally stressful situations like coming face to face with the life of a child being threatened can be difficult for officers. Oftentimes, the officers involved have just moments to collect themselves before needing to respond to another call where they must be composed. While the police forces around the country are being faced with the threat of defunding or reorganizing, Bianchi and Wood want to make sure that stories such as these are discussed as well.

In an update on the trials surrounding the killing of George Floyd, former officer Thao’s defense team has filed for charges against him to be dropped. Thao is charged for aiding and abetting in the killing of Floyd. Bianchi brings on Lakai Vinson, a criminal defense attorney, and Julie Rendelman, L&C Legal Analyst, to discuss. Vinson points out that the motion to dismiss will not likely be granted by the judge. There is enough question as to whether Thao knew that he was doing the wrong thing, Vinson says, that the question of his innocence must be presented to a jury. Rendelman pitches in the specificity of the case law in the state of Minnesota may make it extremely difficult to prove aiding and abetting.

Finally, to wrap up this episode of Law & Crime Report, we discuss the latest updates on the Breonna Taylor case and honor the late congressman John Lewis. We are still waiting for more facts of the Breonna Taylor case to flush out. The civil suit has successfully procured a warrant for the radio content the night of the raid. While the public opinion certainly seeks justice for Breonna, the question remains whether justice requires criminal prosecution or the changing of law in the state.