Law & Crime Report: The State is Seeking to Try ‘Cult Mom’ Lori Vallow Chad Dabyell Together

Chad Daybell and Lori Vallow are back in the news because they may now be tried together. The two are charged with hiding their children’s bodies, but up to this point their trials have been separate. Julie Rendelman of the Law & Crime Network and Legal Analyst/Criminal Defense Attorney and Imran Ansari of the Law & Crime Network and Legal Analyst/Criminal Defense Attorney join Bob Bianchi to discuss the updates in this case. The panel analyzes the likelihood of the two defendants being tried together.

Rendelman argues that combining cases is perfectly doable and cites her own cases in the past where multiple juries have been used. For the sake of efficiency and frugality, one trial would work well. The defendants will certainly prefer separate trials to avoid prejudicial information against their clients being shared.of the Law & Crime Network and Legal Analyst/Criminal Defense Attorney

Another case in St. Louis is progressing as Thomas Kinworthy has been charged for the murder of police officer Tamarris Bohannon. The panel discusses the interesting aspects of how jury selection can go in a trial such as this one. The deep divide in our country regarding police reform can make it difficult to weed out potential jurors who may have beliefs on one side or another. It is the job of the prosecution and the defense alike to try to select  a jury that may favor their arguments more.

Next the panel discusses the current concerns around investigating and potentially prosecuting police officers who violate policies during protests. Specifically, the LAPD is dealing with officers who are turning off body cameras. This situation leads to a broad level conversation about body cameras and how police officers choose to employ them.

In another disturbing story, two transgender women were brutally attacked and had their attack recorded and livestreamed by bystanders. This case brings up a conversation about the current climate around hate crimes and the nature of videorecording and social media posting of crimes today. These things have a huge impact on how lawyers go about taking on cases. The panel also takes the conversation further into questioning whether those who video and post crimes taking place should be accountable for their actions either criminally or otherwise.

Finally, Bianchi discusses an update in a 100 year old case. A 105-year-old is leading a lawsuit regarding the Tulsa Race Massacre. The suit is seeking the recreation of the Greenwood district and reparations for the lasting impact of those horrific events.