The FBI arrests over 50 people for part of a racketeering scam where college officials falsified SAT and ACT test results and awarded athletic scholarships to undeserving students after their parents paid millions of dollars to the main culprit. The widespread scam of bribery and paying off school officials is the largest of its kind ever charged in the US. The rich and powerful parents of the students are also charged and include actresses #LoriLoughlin and #FelicityHuffman of Desperate Housewives. We discuss the entire debacle on Fox News with Shepard Smith.

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College admissions scam rocks elite universities!

March 14th,2019

Shepard Smith: Bob Bianchi is here, criminal defense attorney. Penalties, what’s possible?

Robert Bianchi: Well, these are whopping penalties Shep, so on the major charges, which we just saw happen today in court today with Mr. Singer. Racketeering, which is one of the charges, carries up to 20 years maximum.

Shepard Smith: That’s a mob thing?

Robert Bianchi: Yeah, organized criminal business, that’s what this was. It was very sophisticated, very involved, using a fake charity, tax fraud involved with that. The huberous [?] of it, Shep, to me, is not only are they doing something to get an advantage over students that don’t have money and power, but then they were able to make a donation to this charity and take a tax deduction on their taxes, these parents. It’s really something as a prosecutor that would get me extremely agitated. Money laundering, 20 years. Tax conspiracy, 20 years, and another charge worth five years. He looking right now, and he’s cooperating with the Feds, he’s given substantial cooperation from anywhere from 15 to 19 and a half years, he gets three-point reduction for accepting responsibility, you know, trying to get you to do the right thing. But he’s also, I’m pretty confident, got what we’re calling a 5K cooperation agreement. So, the more he cooperates, and the more he gives the Feds, the more he’s looking to give a downward departure but it’s not really going to go that low. He’s in deep trouble.

Shepard Smith: And what about these two Hollywood Stars?

Robert Bianchi: Yeah, you know, I think that they’re going to be much less, they weren’t involved in an overall conspiracy for a significant period of time like this man was. Singer made twenty-five million dollars over five or six years, with regard to this thing. So, persecutors will look at that more seriously and you can tell they’re looking at it more seriously, by who they indicted as opposed to who they filed a complaint and information against. The parents they’ll go easier, but I think they’re going to make a point that you cannot use your privilege, you cannot use your wealth, and you cannot use your fame to game the system.

Shepard Smith: Bob, thanks, expecting some of those involved to be in court, in just a moment. We’ll go there, but first.