Roger Stone was indicted by the Special Counsel for lying to Congress. The extensive 24 page indictment also sprinkled breadcrumbs to where special counsel may be going. We discuss the implications of this indictment which clearly brings the conduct to the Trump campaign, and possibly the president himself.

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#ELChapo case goes to the jury

February 8th, 2019

Shepard Smith: In another Fox News Urgent a live look at the courthouse in Brooklyn or at me, where jurors at least, are deliberating in the trial of the world’s most notorious drug lord. Prosecutors say that el Chapo, as we know him, is responsible for smuggling tons of cocaine into the United States and slaughtering rival cartel members. Defense attorneys claim their client has been framed and that his role in the cartel is quote “widely exaggerated.” Defense Attorney and former Prosecutor Bob Bianchi is joining us here. Widely Exaggerated?

Robert Bianchi: Yeah Shep, you know, I put together what I used to do when I was trying to prove a drug conspiracy or leader of an organized narcotics entity, and what we have here is you look for witnesses, electronic data, wire taps, pictures, videos, accounting records, to show money laundering, bribes, pay offs, the drugs themselves, and flight is always nice cherry on top, when a person’s trying to avoid law enforcement. All of that came in in this case the U. S. attorneys did a tremendous job by putting cooperating witnesses on and of course the defense says, oh it’s exaggerated and they’re just trying to help themselves get out of their own trouble. But not when you have actual audio tapes from the defendant making conversations with massive drug deals and all of the other anecdotal evidence that the US attorney’s put together to show, you know, you can believe these guys because we have other evidence that is independent. That collaborates their testimony, strong case for the government.

Shepard Smith: Do you think they’re about to convict him?

Robert Bianchi: You know there’s a lot of charges here and I think the answer to your question is yes. So, I think they are. Now, they maybe have a little wobbliness with regard to you know one or two charges. Shep this is actually what went into the jury if you can see this here, it is multiple pages of questions that they have to go through, multiple counts. So, maybe he avoids or escapes one or two of those counts. I just can’t see with the overwhelming amount of evidence in this case that you’re going to be able to escape all of it. Now, they’ve had a couple jury questions that have come back some of it is a requirement of reading all of the testimony, there’s some major government witnesses who worked with el Chapo, in his organization and they want all of the testimony read back. That’s not unusual to happen but it’s just to me that there may be one or two jurors there that are a little recalcitrant at this point in time and they’re saying, okay let’s listen to these guys and after you listen to them, you tell me that this guy is innocent. And I think that may be going on in the jury room right now.

Shepard Smith: What was the level of concern among those involved with this prosecution that el Chapo and his hundreds of millions might be able to one way or another, influence this panel?

Robert Bianchi: Shep, that’s a great question and in my mind that would be the number one thing that I would be concerned with as a prosecutor and have been concerned as a prosecutor in a very high-profile person. And actually, was involved in a case where a juror was gotten to, that is two questions that I have. Will a juror be afraid to convict because of the danger associated with it or has somebody gotten to a juror? Now, this judge has done his best, their best, to sequester these jurors so that that doesn’t happen but that would be the thing that would concern me clearly in this case.

Shepard Smith: The security’s been mighty tight, like nothing I’ve ever seen in twenty plus years around here.

Robert Bianchi: Yeah, for sure.

Shepard Smith: Bob, thank you.

Robert Bianchi: You got it Shep.