Being on the Sean Hannity Show with guest Judge Jeanine Pirro for the first time was a different media experience for me.

Like great trial attorneys, each host and guest has their own personality, flare, and way of doing things. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

Now, as many know, I am a registered democrat. But so too, I was the head County Prosecutor in an all republican county and have developed many friendships and deep relationships with republicans over the years. To me, great government service is open to both parties and, as humans, when we remove the rhetoric there is far more that joins us than divides us.

Nevertheless, the Hannity show wanted to do a spot on legal issues associated with the Hillary Clinton email controversy. I believe deeply as a New Jersey Certified Criminal Trial Attorney, former head New Jersey County Prosecuting Attorney, and a person with many years experience practicing as a New Jersey Criminal Defense Attorney, that there is no criminal violation here.

But, knowing I was going on the show with Sean Hannity and Judge Jeanine Pirro, I figured that I was in for a serious battle as to my opinion.

When we got to the “green room,” I saw Jeanine Pirro sitting alone preparing for the show. You could see she was intense and unafraid to do battle. I then met her and it was a cordial introduction.

We went into the studio just before the segment aired. At first, I was taken aback on how the staff was in a very jovial mood. Somehow, I expected things to be serious, somber, and tense. To the contrary, the banter, dialogue, and humor from Sean, Jeanine, and the staff was entertaining to me. Not knowing any of them, I just watched in amusement. It was the kind of humor that I typically would have myself been active in had I known the people.

Here is what I learned doing this show:

– Sean is very funny and was very engaging before the show. He has a down to earth sense about him;

– Jeanine Pirro is not a very good football player. Sean threw his signature football at her and she kind of turned to avoid it and was hit in the back of the arm;

– Jeanine (not to be outdone) showed her physical prowess over Sean, by flexing some really chiseled biceps and challenging him to do the same;

– Sean has some sort of knowledge about martial arts background demonstrating on Jeanine some of his maneuvers with strikes to the eyes and throat. It was funny to watch him use her as a target;

– They both laugh a lot and are passionate. As many of you know, that is my default personality, but again, I was meeting these people for the first time and was stayed in my tone. Although, I would have loved to have participated in the banter;

– On the show, it was business and it went smoothly and professionally.

I did not get to speak to Sean off-air, but I did speak to Judge Pirro extensively. Let me tell you, Jeanine Pirro is a piece of work. I felt immediately connected to her. She is smart, witty, kind, unafraid, bold, and was very down to earth. I really liked her.

Perhaps we hit it off since both of us served as the heads of County Prosecutors/District Attorney’s offices. There is always an ongoing comradely in that small circle of attorneys.

So my “take-aways” are: I would love to do more Hannity shows and perhaps someday be on Judge Pirro’s show for sure; and, I would love to get my 82 year old dad, and still practicing attorney, and Jeanine Pirro out for dinner. I know it would be a sparky, fast moving, fun, intense, and funny evening!

Thanks to all of you that watched this segment.

Peace to you.
Bob Bianchi