A manhunt is underway in California for an early morning shooting of police officer, Ronil Singh. Officer Singh was shot during a motor vehicle stop. I discuss on HLN with Christi Paul who has information for a call in hot line. Police have great picture of the perpetrator. Please share so that we can catch this cop killer!

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Hunt underway for cop killing man. Officer #RonilSingh RIP

December 28th, 2018

Christi Paul: Police in California are hunting for a man suspected of murdering an officer. That murder yesterday morning, the chief holding a news conference in about an hour. We’re going to bring that to you live when it happens, but I want to tell you about an officer Ronil Singh he was shot and killed during a routine traffic stop in Newman, California. He was working an overtime shift over Christmas, and he leaves behind now a wife and a baby.

Introduction: To believe that this man shot officer Singh during that traffic stop, the radio transmission was shots fired and she did find Officers Singh on the ground with gunshot injuries. It really hits home when it’s one of our own. We know that the suspect took off from the scene. You recognize this ma’am? Is that him? There they found the gray dodge. They believe the suspect was driving. I’m almost 99% sure that he’s been in my store before.

Christi Paul: The tip line, you see there on your screen, (209) 525-7202 police say the suspect. And if you have a moment, please just look at your screen here. He’s heavy set. They say Hispanic Male; short black hair and he is considered armed and dangerous. Former Prosecutor Bob Bianchi from the Law and Crime Network is with us now. So, Bob, when you heard about this, whatever they say, there is somebody out there who is armed and dangerous, please let us know. What do we need to do if we feel like we have some information that might help?

Robert Bianchi: The first thing you don’t do is approach the suspect and try to apprehend them. You need immediately to call 911, make sure you’re in a protected location. Try to get as much as identifying factors as you can. You watch him and you alert 911, but what are the biggest problems that we’ve had in the law enforcement community that we always tried to make sure people understood, this man just shot a police officer. He is in a desperate situation. He is a violent individual and you should not try to intercede to take him down.

Christi Paul: So, let me ask you this. As we’re looking at his picture and we know that because of that, police obviously have a good amount of things to go on here. His picture of being released, they’ve confiscated his truck, as we understand it. When you talk about desperation how, how dangerous do you believe him to be?

Robert Bianchi: Extremely, extremely, extremely dangerous. You don’t get more on the danger scale then this guy, anybody who would shoot a police officer has a higher level. In fact, Christi, it is an aggravating factor for the death penalty because it’s considered somebody that is so dangerous that they would take out a law enforcement officer, certainly would have little or no problem taking out somebody that’s a member of the public. So, we know you got a guy that’s out there, he just not want to get captured and it’s going to be very likely that if somebody encounters him that they could seriously face a great, as greater harm as this officer did.

Christi Paul: So, when you release his picture and we’re talking about him like it is out there, I would think that that would only aggravate him more or does that push him into seclusion?

Robert Bianchi: Pushes them into seclusion. But the bottom line is that there is a copious amount of data, more than I’ve ever had when I was investigating cases of this nature. When I was a prosecutor, we probably have the vehicle. It’s going to provide a copious amount of forensic evidence, DNA potential fingerprints. Moreover, people have already identified this picture as you’ve indicated. If you know who he is, they just need to put a name to this particular person. And there’s so much evidence in this case, Christi, in my opinion, it is only a matter of time because you could only hide for so long. And the irony is with most of these guys, they typically wind up staying in very close proximity to where it is, where they live or they work. It’s very difficult to escape that drag net, but I can assure you, Law Enforcement Agencies, federally, state and locally are making sure they put a choke hold around him so he can’t move.

Christi Paul: Yeah. Bob, you make a very good point. We do know statistics show us and then history tells us they do to stay close to home because it’s what they know. Bob Bianchi, thank you so much for walking us through that. Appreciate it.

Robert Bianchi: You got it, Christi.