On 5/25/17 Bob Bianchi appeared exclusively with Chris Hansen of Crime Watch Daily to discuss the tragic case of Lauren Agee, a beautiful college student who died during a college spring break get away.  Investigators in the case quickly called it an accident from blunt force injuries from a fall from a cliff.  But, there is significant evidence that was either overlooked, or disregarded.  Bianchi a former homicide prosecutor, and head prosecutor of Morris County is critical of the rush to judgement in this case.

Bianchi states that all “unattended” deaths that are suspicious should by default be considered homicides, until the evidence points otherwise.  In this case, investigators failed to collect significant data, do a proper timeline, and explain marks on the body that appear to show that the theory of a fall is not what occurred.

Bianchi feels that too many times a rush to judgement in cases like this get misidentified as accidents, when in reality they are homicides.

Bianchi and law partner Dave Bruno are former NJ homicide prosecutors with extensive experience as criminal trial attorneys.  They currently practice in the areas of criminal defense, domestic violence, and municipal court.  Bianchi and Bruno are both NJ Supreme  Court Certified Criminal Trial Attorney.

Check out the clip and let us know your thoughts!

You can watch the entire, interesting breakdown of the case here