Robert A. Bianchi and David J. Bruno appeared on Chasing New Jersey about the investigation of the death of CEO John Sheridan and his wife.

By Robert A. Bianchi, Esq.:  Murder investigations and prosecutions are intense.  They are the most serious cases in the entire legal system. The stakes are high. The skills and experience in following proper investigative techniques are imperative to ensure there is a proper arrest, and that the case is solid to withstand the rigors of a criminal prosecution at trial, is intense. As with all other crimes, as former prosecutors, we have insights into how cases are prepared and investigated, which gives us a very serious advantage in helping our criminal defense clients we are privileged to now represent.

The Bianchi Law Group attorneys have an expertise in handling homicide cases from both a prosecution and defense perspective. We were both given the responsibility as young Assistant Prosecutors to handle these most important and coveted cases.  As County Prosecutor, I was honored to be the first head County Prosecutor to try a case in over 20 years.  I felt the need to demonstrate to my staff that I was willing to join them in the intensity of trial work (as I had done for many years before my appointment), despite leading the office and continuing with my administrative responsibilities. The trial involved the murder of a priest in Chatham, New Jersey. I chose then Assistant Prosecutor, and now my law partner David Bruno, to assist me at this trial. That is the level of confidence I had in Dave’s abilities. The defendant, Jose Feliciano, was convicted and received a life sentence.

After leaving the prosecutor’s office, I asked Dave to join me as my law partner.  This again shows my confidence in Dave’s ability as a great trial lawyer, who has tremendous heart, skill, ability, and honesty.

It is an honor to represent our clients who require our assistance and it is a privilege to help them navigate their legal difficulties. It is also an honor to be asked to continue training other trial attorneys in the art of trial practice and to be asked by many in the media to provide our expert knowledge on criminal prosecution and criminal defense tactics and insights into the criminal justice system.