Have you or someone you love been arrested in New Jersey? If you’ve been arrested for an indictable offense (sometimes referred to as a felony or superior court offense), you’ll need to hire a lawyer as soon as possible. You won’t want to fight against these charges alone, and you need to start building a strong defense right away.

Those who are arrested for a felony may receive a notice that a pre-indictment conference has been scheduled, and that you are legally required to attend. At The Bianchi Law Group, our criminal defense attorneys can use their insight and expertise to defend you in this situation. Our attorneys will review your case and fight hard to get you the best possible outcome.

Learn more about what to expect during a pre-indictment conference in New Jersey, and call our team if you or someone you love faces this situation.

What Happens In A Pre-Indictment Conference?

In a pre-indictment conference, the primary goal is to resolve the indictable offense before New Jersey prosecutors present it before a grand jury. At your pre-indictment conference, you can expect that the prosecutor will offer you a plea deal, in hopes that you accept the deal and the litigation process doesn’t end up becoming as long. As a condition of the plea deal, the prosecutor might offer to dismiss certain charges or reduce the charge to less-severe offense, in exchange for the defendant’s guilty plea or their no-contest plea.

Your lawyer from The Bianchi Law Group will advise if it’s a smart idea for you to accept the plea deal. Those facing serious charges with a lot of evidence against them may benefit from taking the plea deal at the pre-indictment conference. If you choose to accept the plea deal at the pre-indictment conference, it’s likely that you could face less time in jail or even no incarceration in your sentence whatsoever. Sometimes, the plea deal is the best possible deal, so speak to a lawyer to ensure you know your best options for minimizing the penalties of your felony charge.

What Do I Need To Know About Limited Discovery?

Limited discovery is the phase of criminal cases where prosecution brings evidence before the defendant and their attorney. With limited discovery, the prosecution will present evidence that they believe will be harmful to your defense, so it’s crucial that you are represented by a strong attorney.

When you as the defendant are presented with limited discovery, you can take one of three avenues. Your attorney may advise that you accept the plea deal and whatever sentence it includes. However, this may not be the best option for you, so you aren’t required to take a plea deal if you don’t want to.

You do have the option to reject the plea deal, and allow for your case to go before a grand jury. For those who have evidence that can prove they did not commit the crime, this might be the best bet. As a third option, you can request that your lawyer negotiate the plea deal with the prosecutor in order to secure you a more favorable outcome. With this negotiation process, you may be able to sort out a plea deal that works better for you and has more acceptable conditions.

What Is A Pre-Trial Intervention Program?

Those who qualify for a pre-trial intervention program may not be required to refuse or accept the plea offer they receive at a pre-indictment conference. In a pre-trial intervention program, you might be able to actually avoid prosecution, court, or even an incarceration sentence.

The option of a pre-trial intervention program is reserved only for those who have been arrested for a felony, but the felony was their first offense. Additionally, the charges must be non-violent acts. Those who do not qualify for the option of a pre-trial intervention program, you will have to hear the plea offer and decide which option works best for you.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me During A Pre-Indictment Conference?

One of the principal benefits of working with a New Jersey criminal defense attorney is that they can gather relevant evidence and conduct an investigation before the conference to build a strong case for your defense. The evidence will also help your lawyer determine whether or not you should accept the plea deal that may be given to you. It’s hard to come to these conclusions on your own, but a lawyer with decades of experience can help you find success.

At Bianchi Law Group, our attorneys ensure your rights are fully protected at every step of the way, and serve as your advocate throughout every step of the legal proceedings. Call our law firm today to schedule a case evaluation and speak to a lawyer about securing the best possible outcome after a New Jersey felony charge.